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Article: Allergy, lanolin and fur

Allergy, lanolin and fur -

Allergy, lanolin and fur

Natural sheepskin is an amazing material. It is all natural and has a wool wax we call lanolin. Lanolin is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. It consists of waxy esters, lanolin alcohols, lanolin acids and lanolin hydrocarbons. The lanolin is released from a gland inside the wool’s hair follicles. It smears the hair in wax, so the fur is protected from wind and weather.

But why is this a good thing for us, when we buy a sheepskin?

With lanolin in our sheepskins, they have all they need to clean and treat themselves. This makes them easy to maintain and their natural beauty never fades. All you need to do yourself is to shake and brush it once in a while. Also, lanolin is used for cosmetics and skincare, because it has a protective power, that can heal sore skin on babies, adults and fragile areas on our bodies. The wax is all natural, which makes it safe for us to use.

There are no chemicals added to it and this makes it perfect for ex baby skin care.

Even though it is a natural material, some people say that it can generate allergic reactions for those, who are already allergic to animal fur. This is actually not the case. Allergy of fur is a misleading term, because the human body does not have an allergic reaction on the hairs, but on the protein in dandruff or other things such as sebum, sweat, saliva urine or excrement. The animals carry this protein with them in the air around them, so it is passed on to humans and in some cases trigger an allergy reaction.

It is important to mention, that not all humans develop this kind of allergy, but to be on the safe side, our baby sheepskin is treated, so it won’t excrete anything. The sheepskin has gone through a natural treatment, that stops the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites in the wool.

So, feel safe to get a natural sheepskin for your home. The allergic reactions won’t be triggered by our sheepskins because they are all treated before they are sold. We have a wide range of sheepskins from New Zealand, Iceland, England and Tibet.


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