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Article: Decorate your home with sustainable furniture

Decorate your home with sustainable furniture -

Decorate your home with sustainable furniture

We are becoming more and more aware of our own responsibility towards climate changes. We think sustainable when we shop for food and clothes, we think sustainable when we sort our waste and in general the principle of sustainability has moved well and thoroughly into the mind of the ordinary world citizen.

At NATURES Collection, we are a huge fan of sustainability, and all our products help you to live more sustainable. Our latest designs are our Emily furniture, which are upholstered with real sheepskin fur.

sheepskin armchair

We have chosen to call this collection Emily and it is amazingly beautiful and decorative in any home. However, this is not the only advantage of the Nordic furniture set, which is upholstered with 100% natural sheepskin fur from New Zealand. In addition to being upholstered with luxurious and soft fur, the furniture has legs of wood - oak or ash.

This means that the furniture set consists exclusively of natural and sustainable materials. You can read more about our breathtaking furniture here.

What is in the collection?

With our Emily furniture collection, you get everything you need and more. The set consists of both a sofa, a lounge chair, and a luxurious footstool - all of which are upholstered with certified sheepskin fur from New Zealand. The legs are made of natural oak or ash tree – you decide what’s best!

sheepskin chair

The furniture can be used for many different things depending on the need and it is easy to move around. That way, you can enjoy the Emily set in many ways as it pretty much fits into any home. Place the set together in the living room, or get a nice, upholstered sofa for the hallway and use the footstool as a pouf in the bedroom or as a footstool with another chair. You can do exactly what you want because the choice is entirely up to you.

Where does the sheepskin come from?

Did you know that at NATURES Collection we get our sheepskin fur from the meat industry, where the skin is a natural by-product? This means that the Emily set is upholstered with materials that would otherwise have been wasted during the production of meat as it is no longer to be used.

Instead of taking nature for granted, we like to use the skin so that nothing is wasted. Instead, the sheepskin becomes a beautiful piece of furniture, a beautiful cushion or just a beautiful sheepskin for the home.

Durable sheepskin fur

Another natural quality of sheepskin is that it is incredibly durable and can withstand a little bit of everything. Therefore, you do not have to worry about when to replace your new furniture set, because the durable quality makes the furniture long-lasting. You can look forward to many years in the company of our beautiful Emily furniture in your home.

sheepskin couch

We can also upholster your old furniture

If you are ready for a change, then we can also encourage you to upholster your old furniture with sheepskin fur to give it new life. Then you do not have to buy new furniture again and again. Not only is the material itself sustainable, so is the upholstery technique! What more could you wish for?

With a sustainable interior decoration, you can relax more with a good conscience, and that is something everyone deserves! Treat yourself and the environment by buying one of our sustainable furniture today. You can use the set together or place the furniture separately. Whether you want nature in the living room or in the hallway, in the office or in the bedroom - it is entirely up to you.

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