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Article: NATURES Collection employees are committed to zero waste in 2022

NATURES Collection employees are committed to zero waste in 2022 -

NATURES Collection employees are committed to zero waste in 2022

At NATURES Collection we are proud to be a sustainable company, not only are our products sustainable and waste-free, but our employees are also committed to this task of being a zero-waste company.

Working with a sustainable material as sheepskin and other kinds of fur every single day makes you wonder whether your own household is also respecting the massive climate changes. It inspires us to be more eco-friendly in our own homes. 

In our Design Studio and Workshop, for example, in the workshop, we separate waste in metal, glass, paper etc. And our craftsman makes sure to use all the wood and the tiny bits and shavings that are leftovers are used as fuel to heat up the buildings around us. In our Design Studio we use all the materials so that no fur or skins are wasted.

Small pieces are used as stuffing in pillows or as a unique keyring. Bigger leftovers of sheepskin are sewed together to make a seat cover or a cushion. The possibilities are endless when working with fur and we aim to make the best of it every single day. 

Sustainability is very important to us, and it is a fundamental part of our business and everyday life. In fact, many of the employees at NATURES Collection take sustainable initiatives in their own homes. Here are some of the amazing initiatives among our colleagues: 


  •  Separation of waste 
  • Utilize the entire paper by writing on both sides 
  • Adding a ‘No advertisements’-sticker on mailbox 
  •  Investing in green stocks
  •  Mowing the lawn with a hand lawn mower 
  •  Buys new clothes in a secondhand store 
  •  Selling excess clothing in a secondhand store or donating it to a good cause 
  •  Brings a bag to the supermarket instead of buying plastic bags 
  •  Avoids using chemicals in the garden 
  •  Buys excess food that has not been sold, from supermarkets, bakeries, gas stations or restaurants. 


NATURES Collection is proud to be represented by these amazing employees who also commit to a zero-waste future. It is important that we keep inspiring each other to be more sustainable and to find more ways to respect and protect our planet. 

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