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Article: Get ready for easter lunch

Get ready for easter lunch -
belt bag

Get ready for easter lunch

Spring is finally on its way and so is easter. Even though easter will be a bit different this year, we can still keep our traditions and the cosiness as usual. Invite your closest friends or family for easter lunch or meet your entire family outside for this years big easter egg hunt. Covid-19 has made things very difficult for us the past year, but that doesn’t mean that we should cancel easter. In this article we present our suggestions to how to make this year’s easter good and memorable with our wide selection of sustainable products.

Find the perfect gift for the hostess

If you are attending an easter lunch it is always a good idea to bring a gift for the hostess. Take a look at our collections and buy a pair of handsome leather gloves for both men and women, unique jewelry made of beautiful mink fur, a hot water bottle in real fur or a nice fur keyring in easter colours. In our collection you will find sustainable gift ideas in all price ranges and one thing is for sure; the recipient of this gift will be surprised by the high quality of our natural products and get a clear conscience at the same time. 

hot water bottle

Decorate for easter lunch

When you are having guests for this year’s easter lunch, it is important that you decorate your home for this colourful event. Give your dining room chairs a new look with real sheepskin or sheepskin cushions. With a real sheepskin on your chairs, you will give the entire room a cosy and warm atmosphere. If you think it is too much with a whole sheepskin, you can also try our sheepskin seat covers. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a 100 % natural sheepskin of the highest quality. Find the one, that suits your home best and make a sustainable purchase.


Go to easter lunch in sustainable fashion

If you are going out for easter lunch, it can be quite difficult to figure out what to wear. Every time you find yourself missing that one special piece of clothes, to make your outfit work. We are here for you and we can help you find that special piece. We have a big collection of clothes in real skin and fur, that will make any outfit shine. Try our Ambra Leggings or one of our many vests of fur and sheepskin. Are you having your easter lunch outside or are you planning to take a walk after the lunch, you can treat yourself with a beautiful jacket of sheepskin or real fur. You can also make your outfit unique with a beautiful fur collar. The possibilities are many and we are ready to help you. Make a sustainable choice for this year’s easter lunch. You will not regret it. 

Do you also need a new bag to match your outfit? Try one of our practical and beautiful belt bags in real fur. Our belt bags are very spacious and has a zipper and an adjustable strap. We also have different clutches, that will impress your friends and family with the beautiful, unique fur.

fur vest

Fresh spring colours for easter lunch

Before we end this article, we have to mention our coral collection with sheepskin, rugs, cushions and more in the beautiful coral colours. If you decorate your home with pillows or sheepskins from our coral collection, it will emit a lot of spring feeling and positive vibes. Look at our coral collection and get inspired.

colourful cushions

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