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Article: How do I buy a sheepskin?

How do I buy a sheepskin? -

How do I buy a sheepskin?

Are you looking for a perfect sheepskin that lives up to all your expectations and more? Then you have come to the right place. Shopping at NATURES Collection is super easy, and we strive to ensure that all customers have the best experience.


Here we have developed an overview of the most important things to know when shopping sheepskins and other fur products with us. Here you can get answers to many of your questions.

Terms and Conditions

Order confirmation

Once we have received your order, it will be confirmed via an automatic email. This email is your order confirmation. Then you know we are ready to process your order and you can look forward to receiving your brand-new sheepskin.


At NATURES Collection you can pay with MasterCard, American Express, JCB, PayPal and Apple, Amazon and Google pay. If payment is made by debit or credit card, remember to enter all the necessary information on the card. In case of a transaction with 3D Secure, a security code must be entered.

We do not store your credit information after the purchase is completed.


All orders are shipped within 24 hours on weekdays by UPS, DHL or GLS. Delivery time to all EU countries is 2-3 working days and 2-5 working days to the rest of the world.

If it turns out that the package and/or the product is damaged, contact our customer support immediately. They are ready to help you. NATURES Collections customer support can be contacted on +4575801050. You can also send us an email.


You are offered a full refund of orders, which are returned within 100 days of purchase. We have made it easy and simple to return, as you only need to use the prepaid return label, which is sent with your order.

Otherwise returned goods must be unused, unwashed and in its original packaging. In other words, the item must be returned in the same condition in which it was received. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

By the way, keep the receipt for the return shipment until you have received a refund from the NATURES Collection. 


At NATURES Collection, you have a 2-year production guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to defects that have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear. In addition, the warranty does not cover defects in workmanship and other manufacturing defects.

Did you not get an answer to your question? Do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone or visit us in our store and show room. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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