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Article: How do you condition a fur coat at home?

How do you condition a fur coat at home? -

How do you condition a fur coat at home?

There is nothing better than a luxurious fur coat, that makes you feel both beautiful and protected against the cold. A real fur coat can have many looks and it can be made of many different kinds of fur, but there is one thing, that all fur coats and jackets have in common.

They are exclusive investments that you wish to maintain properly. If you do this, we guarantee that you can look forward to a lot of seasons with your fur coat feeling like brand new.

Natural products, like our fur coats, are hard wearing and very durable. And also, they are incredibly beautiful and extremely soft. Being made of real fur, our jackets and coats demands care. They also need proper housing, when they are not being used in the summertime. But how do you condition a fur coat at home properly? Read this article and learn more about fur coats and how to maintain the beautiful and durable fur while putting it away for the summer.

fur coat

How do I condition my fur coat through summer?

In the summertime, when the temperatures are rising, our fur coats are in a bit of trouble because of the heat and humidity in the air. Fur coats thrive in cold weather, which is why it is very important that you take good care of your fur coat in the summer.

It is important that you keep your fur coat in the fabric bag, that comes with your coat. It is very important that you do not use a bag made of plastic, because your fur coat is a natural material, that needs to be able to breathe. Hang your coat on a coat hanger to prevent the lining from breaking. If you hang your coat on a hook instead, you will risk that your coat will break in the lining because of the heavy weight of the fur coat.

Also, you should make sure, that the fur does not hang in a loaded closet, so the fur has no room for breathing. If you stuff the closet entirely, there will be no room for your fur coat and unintended humidity can occur and damage the leather side of the fur. If the humid is constant in the closet, you can also risk that your fur coat will begin to get mould. If the leather side gets wet in any way, it can be stiff when it dries. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your fur coat dry and gives it room to breathe.

Finally, we recommend you keep the fur in a cold and dark room, like a closet in the garage or in a so called “fur refrigerator”. This way you make sure that the fur won’t dry out, so the hairs fall out and so on. Follow our steps and look forward to using your fur coat again next winter without fearing that it won’t be as good, as it was, when it was brand new.

How long can a fur coat last?

When we say that a fur coat is a good investment, it is because it can maintain its beautiful look and stay strong for many years. If you buy a mink fur, we usually say, that you can have it forever. Mink fur is a very durable material, that stays the same in looks and quality forever. This is why our mink coats are extremely popular. They are a good investment, because the coat never dies.

mink fur

If you buy a sheepskin coat, you can also be sure, that you have the coat for a long time. A sheepskin jacket can maintain its looks and quality for two whole generations. The sheepskin wool will maintain its beautiful shine and make you happy again and again. 

If you buy a rabbit fur jacket, it will maintain its natural shine and softness for two years before it starts to shed a bit. This is why rabbit fur is significantly cheaper than mink and sheepskin fur. It is still a sustainable purchase, though, because rabbit fur can biodegrade itself in nature. We have a wide selection of beautiful styles in rabbit fur. Our Molly poncho is one of our absolute favorites!

On many of our jackets we have fox or raccoon fur in the collar. These types of fur are extremely beautiful and can keep their stylish looks for many years. On other words, fur is a very durable material and that makes it a good and safe investment.

How do I remove stains from real fur?

A real fur coat always looks good and can be used for many occasions and in many different stylings. When you use your fur coat, it is almost impossible not to get a stain on it somehow. It could be perfume, smoke from cigarettes, coffee or anything else that leaves a stain or two. In these situations, it can be hard to do something yourself, which is why we recommend you contact a dry-cleaning company to help you clean your fur coat in the right way.

If your fur coat has been exposed to smoke, perfume and so on, you can do much with ventilation. You can also steam the fur gently but be aware of the skin side. The skin side should not get wet, because if it gets wet, it will get stiff when it dries.

What should I do if it rains on my fur coat?

We cannot always predict the weather before we leave the house, but this fact should not make you decide not to wear your fur jacket. When you go out it can start to rain in an instant, and if it is one of the heavy showers, you should not worry. If you have a mink fur coat, there is no reason to run home. Mink fur is not afraid of the rain, because minks are swimmers. But not all fur has this ability. Here are some suggestions for you, if you should end up in a heavy shower in you fur coat.

The most important thing is to never dry your fur coat on a radiator, heating devices or anything like it, because it can damage the skin side completely and also damage the fur. Start by shaking the jacket free of all the raindrops and hang the coat over a chair and let it dry in an open room. This protects the fur from braking while the fur coat slowly regains its strength.

Brush you fur

If you wish to treat your fur coat some more, you can buy a fur brush and brush the fur and steam the coat afterwards. Do not get too close to the hairs with the steamer, because it can be damaging to the fur. Keep your distance and shake the fur coat at last. Now you have a fur coat as good as new.

Now you know everything there is to know about caring for your fur coat and fur storage. With our advice, we guarantee that you can look forward to many years with a beautiful fur coat, that is both warm and soft for many years.

Sustainable fur coats

Real fur is a very stylish and pleasurable material, but it is also a sustainable material, because we made sure, that it is. The fur we use in our products like fur coats, fur vests and fur collars come from the meat industry. We make sure to minimize the huge amount of waste of skins in this industry, when we buy the fur and skins and transform them into beautiful sheepskin rugs and fur coats. This makes our products both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Minimizing the waste in the meat industry is a great choice made for the well-being of our planet. We make sure that the entire animal is used by taking its beautiful fur and making it into something, that will make the material last a lifetime and at the same time, we honor an animal, that has lived its life freely in nature, which can be seen on the amazingly beautiful fur. We think that it is a beautiful thought, to honor the animal through its amazing fur every single day for many years to come. One of the incredible qualities in fur is, that it can make you feel very exclusive and beautiful and confident like never before. This is our view on fur.

What kind of fur do we have?

At NATURES Collection we love almost any kind of fur and we work only with 100 % natural, high quality fur. This means that when you buy your fur jacket in our shop, you can be sure, that it is a product of very high-quality standards. Read further in this article and learn more about the different kinds of fur we work with to make the most incredible fur jackets.


Sheepskin is truly amazing both in looks and in quality. It is a very durable and hard-wearing material, that suits many different purposes, like coats and jackets. Sheepskin is very soft and feels as natural, as it is. With a coat in real sheepskin wool, you will enter the winter season more prepared than ever, because all the good qualities come with the natural sheepskin fur. You will feel both warm and comfortable at any time. Also, there is really nothing cuter than a teddy jacket made of real sheepskin wool. We simply cannot imagine anything cuter!

Rabbit fur

A jacket in rabbit fur is truly a soft pleasure. The hairs are smooth and almost like velvet, so when you wear your new fur jacket made of rabbit it will feel like a hug that never ends. We get most of our rabbit fur from France and Spain and we have both rabbit fur and rex rabbit fur. Rex rabbit is a bit more exclusive than the regular rabbit fur because it is of a higher quality that sheds less and has a more visible shine. The rex rabbit fur is a bit more expensive, but both rabbit fur and rex rabbit fur are high quality materials from nature, so no matter what you choose, you will get a beautiful, smooth and soft fur jacket out of it.

Raccoon fur

We just love to use the exquisite raccoon fur from USA as fur collars individually and on our fur jackets and parkas. The raccoon fur makes any jacket look exclusive, warm and soft. Raccoon fur has a natural and beautiful colouring, that ignites the real fur and oozes of high quality. Buy yourself a fur collar in raccoon fur or a jacket with raccoon fur and see for yourself.

Fox fur

Real fox fur from Finland looks very exclusive on any coat – especially on our lambswool coats or parkas. The fox fur gives the coat a natural look while it is an incredibly soft material. Keep your neck warm with natural fur and buy a fur coat with fox fur today. We promise you; it will be your favorite jacket.

Mink fur

At NATURES Collection we are crazy about mink coats for women. There is almost nothing more exclusive than a mink fur. The fur from mink is a very strong and high-quality material, that will keep you warm in the coldest climates. Also, a mink jacket is a very stylish element to bring into your wardrobe.

The mink fur has a very shiny look and a thickness, so there will be no doubt, that you are wearing real mink fur. You can even see the exclusivity in the fur from afar. We only work with certified mink fur from Kopenhagen Fur, as we all know, the worlds fines mink fur is limited, so buy your danish mink coat now, before it’s too late. 

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