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Article: How does our fur get coloured?

How does our fur get coloured? -

How does our fur get coloured?

Did you know that in our collection we have sheepskins, mink, rabbit, raccoon, fox and more in many different colours?

When giving the fur a specific colour, it is called tanning or dressing. The skin is soaked in a tanning solution in a vessel, where it centrifugates. The main chemicals, that are used in this tanning solution are table salt, water, alum salts, soda ash, sawdust, cornstarch, lanolin and other natural ingredients. Gentle acids like vinegar is also used to activate the tanning process.

You can read more about how a skin is processed in general and see our illustration about the process here.

Fur dressers around the world have evolved rapidly over the last decades and are now able to process and colour fur in any desired colour. The possibilities are endless. Just take a look at some of our many colourful products in both our living and fashion collection.

You can read much more about the how our fur is treated before we transform it into amazing products. Click here and learn more about the sustainable production of fur.

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