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Article: Meditate using a sheepskin

Meditate using a sheepskin -

Meditate using a sheepskin

It does not get better than this!

The practice of meditation is very pleasant for your body. It is important to have a soft mat of good quality when you meditate. In cooperation with Hanne Mouritsen, from Pure Nordic Yoga, we have written four articles on the subjects of yoga and meditation when using a sheepskin.

This is the fourth article on how you can practice meditation in your daily life.

Read this article and get simple tricks to how to get calm whenever you need to in your daily life and learn how to do lots of yoga on a sheepskin.

Enjoy a relaxing meditation

Meditation gives you calmness and relaxation in the whole body. You will get new energy for the tasks ahead. Meditation will strengthen your concentration and creativity; Thus, meditation can be part of your workday as well as the start and the end of the day. Meditation will help your way to get to sleep and help you to sleep through the night.

Do not hesitate to select more than one timeslot for meditation!


There are many ways to meditate. The main point is to get peace and quiet within yourself.

But this can be difficult for many people. Below is a practice for beginners that can get you started towards the routine.

Sit down on a pillow or a soft underlay, for example, a sheepskin. Use the tailor position. This is a position that automatically make you collect your body and mind into concentration. If the position is a challenge, do not force it. You can also use a chair.


Close your eyes and pay attention to how you inhale and exhale. How does it feel and where in your body do you feel the inhale and exhale?

If your thoughts start to race and your brain starts to act without control, look at them as if they are just passing as they go away into the sky. Immediately go back to focus on your breathing. Stay calm and try to focus for 5 minutes. After that, stretch your body thoroughly and try to carry that peacefulness with you for the rest of the day.


Relaxation gives peace in the mind and brain, and you can recharge for more energy. Your muscles will also relax, and a lot of tension will go away.

Lay down on a soft mat and, if possible, roller pillow under your legs. Grab a soft pillow for your neck if you think it is comfortable. You can also add a soft mat or blanket over your body.

afspænding yoga

Relax your body step by step and make sure there or no tense muscles left in your hands, face etc. Pay attention to your breathing so that you feel it in your entire body.

Pay attention to different parts of your body and let go of any tension you come across. Start with your feet and move upwards without leaving any part of your body behind. Finally, relax your forehead, eyes, jaws, and mouth.

Afspænding yoga

Do you need a soft throw for relaxation? Find our mohair throws here.

Finish this exercise by taking a deep breath (inhale) and exhale slowly. Repeat a couple of times.

Now your entire body is relaxed. Then stretch your body and start small movements with your feet and hands. Turn over on your side slowly and sit up.

Find our wide selection of comfortable sheepskins here.

If you got inspired by this article, why not continue reading the following articles in our series:

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