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Article: The secret behind a succesfull Christmas dinner

The secret behind a succesfull Christmas dinner -

The secret behind a succesfull Christmas dinner

The date is set. The guests are invited and you know every single detail of the menu. You are as ready as you can be – or are you?

Christmas dinner of the year

We all want to host the best Christmas dinner with delicious food and good vibes throughout the evening. We cannot help you much with the food, but we do know a little about how to make sure that the guests are having a good time. 

You know it yourself - when you go to a Christmas dinner or any party, it means quite a lot that you get to sit in a good place. Both in terms of company but also in terms of comfort.


Therefore, first of all, make sure that your guests are comfortable and soft and warm throughout the evening.

Use real sheepskins

Place a sheepskin over the dining chairs. Choose between the long wool and curly sheepskin from Tibet, the silky soft and long wool from New Zealand, the short wool and curly from New Zealand, the raw Icelandic sheepskin and more!

No, you know what; it is much easier if you take a look at all our sheepskin here.

Find the sheepskin that you think matches your style, and we guarantee that your guests will feel very comfortable at this year's Christmas dinner.

Also remember that "hygge" very important at Christmas time. Read more about hygge here.

gulvtæppe juletræ

Find the best gifts here.

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